Student Portfolios Display Growth with Soundtrap

Student portfolios are an excellent way to display learning and growth with Soundtrap. Over the last year, educators have been finding technology provides new, unique methods to engage students in learning and share student work with families and the larger school community. Both Soundtrap and Wakelet, combined, can be powerful tools for cultivating and showcasing students’ musical growth. Teachers can create Soundtrap lessons and share tutorials and resources using Wakelet. Students can create their own music on Soundtrap and share their musical pieces and reflections in a Wakelet collection for their family, friends, and school community.

Technology Coach, Katie Fielding, at Woodbridge Senior High School created this Soundtrap lesson on Wakelet which is one of several Wakelet lesson plans that connects to a creativity choice board. Katie included a step-by-step guide and video tutorials in the Wakelet to support students as they create their own podcast on Soundtrap. 

Student Portfolios Display Growth with Soundtrap

At Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland, music teacher Michelle Roberts has been using Wakelet and Soundtrap together as part of their Music Technology class this past year. She shares, “Soundtrap was our DAW [digital audio workstation], and everyone could easily access this at home during online learning.  I wanted a way for students to see their growth and progress over time.  I also wanted to make sure that students could easily share their creations with friends and family, so I asked students to create portfolios of their work using Wakelet.“

Students created their own Wakelet accounts and created a Collection for all their Soundtrap projects. Once students created a piece, they exported their audio from Soundtrap and shared them in the Wakelet collection. They also included a brief description of their piece. Previously, Ms. Roberts had students create websites for their portfolios, but she decided to use Wakelet after reading an article from Katie Wardrobe of Midnight Music about student portfolios. Wakelet was much easier to use for her students and the final product is so impressive! You can see Wakelet Collection of Soundtrap projects from Ms. Robert’s students, Colin and Junior

Try applying Soundtrap and Wakelet in your classroom this upcoming school year to give your students the opportunity to capture their voices and share them with the world! 

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