Curricula Resources That Implement Soundtrap

New educators and leaders are searching for curricula resources that implement Soundtrap. All educators know that each student has different needs, interests, and strengths. One student might be inspired by EDM while another is excited by investigative journalism, and sometimes one student enjoys both!  One-size lessons or curricula does not and should not fit all. With that in mind, educators often seek resources and curricula that will best reach their students and instill a love of music.

Soundtrap is a powerful tool to instill that love of music but coupled with an engaging curriculum, educators can provide even more impactful results for their students. To help you find the curriculum that best fits your students’ needs, below is a list of organizations that utilize Soundtrap throughout their lessons.

Podcasting Curricula

  • eduscape: Amplify Student Voice with Soundtrap  unlocks the power of Podcasting across the curriculum. Whether you are teaching Digital Storytelling or driving online collaboration, we have the optimal Soundtrap strategy to support engaged learning. The Eduscape Soundtrap Bundle includes: Soundtrap Student Licenses, Digital Podcasting Curriculum in myEduscape, and eLearning for Teachers.
  • PCS Edventures: Discover Podcasting allows students to create imaginative and original stories through collaborative learning with Discover Podcasting. Hands-on curriculum includes curated content from top podcasters who offer their advice to up-and-coming audio artists. Scaffolded lessons break down the creative process step-by-step for added accessibility to all learners, especially English Learners.

  • MusicFirst: Podcasting Across the Curriculum, developed by Dr. Jim Frankel, founder and director of MusicFirst, the curriculum is applicable in most any classroom and for any subject. Dr. Frankel’s vision was to help teachers empower their students by enabling the creative expression of what they have learned. The curriculum is a ready-to-use solution for teachers with no recording, podcasting, or music composition experience, and is applicable for experienced music and technology teachers too.

Music Technology Curricula

  • Soul Science Lab (SSL) is a Brooklyn Based music and multimedia duo that produces high-quality music provides innovative arts education and creates culturally responsive experiences. They have teamed up with Carnegie Hall to share hip hop with younger students. SSL also offers a digital course for Hip Hop songwriting, production and performance.
  • Young Producers Group  (YPG) creates cutting-edge music curricula for the 21st century. Students learn how to use Soundtrap to write the music they love like hip hop and EDM while developing essential media literacy skills. By meeting students where they are, YPG curricula foster student engagement and lead to culturally-responsive, authentic learning experiences.
  • Building Beats teaches leadership skills through music production for NYC’s low-income students. They also provide a variety of tutorials on how to make music just like famed musicians like Drake, Lil Nas X, and Juice WRLD.
  • Expand Music comprises 2 music teachers working in East London providing music education to schools in the area. They also offer classroom resources including an engaging six-lesson composition series on Trap music with Soundtrap all on Google Forms
  • Future DJs is a UK-based organization that teaches students the basic building blocks of the DJ’s craft. They teach students the sounds and history of electronic music, as well as distinguishing grime from garage and 2-step from dubstep, and learning how to mix between tracks and match beats.

General Music Curricula

  • Berklee PULSE: Take Me To the River presents educational resources based on the documentary Take Me To The River New Orleans. These lessons strive to share the story of where American music came from, promote tolerance and respect for all people and cultures, and create a deeper understanding of history and civil rights through music. Teachers can select from a variety of lesson types, including a mix of history, listening activities, hands-on musical activities (singing, transcribing, playing instruments, clapping), and opportunities to use Soundtrap to create unique compositions. The Berklee PULSE® Music Method is a unique and innovative online music education portal that enables students to study, jam, and practice using interactive modules and an ever-expanding collection of popular music.

  • Light the Music is an engaging program that gamifies musical ensembles. They offer project-based learning modules where students form bands of 3-5 players each and gather virtually to play a collaboration game in which they progress through a series of fun music activities and challenges together.
  • Shed the Music provides a variety of curricula for teaching students music theory and music performance. The Shed’s Production through Performance curriculum uses Soundtrap to teach students each layer of music-making from writing drum grooves to creating chordal structure, and even putting together a full pop song.
  • MusikkPedagogikk: Gratis opplegg for Soundtrap contain 9 lessons with detailed descriptions of how you can use Soundtrap for Education in school. Some schemes are for the oldest, some for the younger and some are suitable for everyone. This is a varied “bouquet” that takes care of different aspects of music education – for different age groups.

These curricula offer a way to reach students where they are: across geographic space, ages, needs, and interests. Having a variety of choices allows students to have an access point in which to engage in music. And the most important aspect of engaging students is extraordinary teachers willing to implement these dynamic materials with effective digital tools like Soundtrap.