Soundtrap & Noteflight: Better Together!

We’re excited to announce a brand new offering from our partner, MusicFirst – Noteflight Learn and Soundtrap for Education bundled in a single subscription. Every music student should learn to compose music using digital tools, and this is an ideal pairing!

Introducing our Soundtrap for Education and Noteflight Learn Bundle, the perfect combo for music and notation education. We’ve partnered with Noteflight to provide an all-inclusive experience for musicians of all levels, from beginner to advanced.⁣ Now you can compose an original song or learn a new piece in a fun and interactive way.⁣

Soundtrap for Education and Noteflight Learn Bundle

Do your students create and compose music using digital tools? Have you considered introducing online notation and sequencing to your curriculum? Soundtrap for Education and Noteflight Learn used in tandem help achieve this objective and keep the creative juices flowing.  They integrate seamlessly with Google Classroom and MusicFirst Classroom, and are accessible from any device, anywhere, any time. Both programs offer export options to send MIDI files from one to the other.

Soundtrap for Education and Noteflight Learn Bundle

With both Soundtrap for Education and Noteflight Learn, you can:

  • Engage students with creating music in multiple ways
  • Create projects that include looping, mixing, and notating
  • Remix the audio of your score with Soundtrap instruments
  • Add Soundtrap loops to the playback of a melody
  • Learn and reinforce music notation skills by seeing Soundtrap files in notation
  • Use Soundtrap to collaborate with players and record & mix scores

Find out more about the features here.