App Smashing Tutorial – Soundtrap and Wakelet

From newsletters to lesson plans and group projects, Wakelet brings educating students to life. Wakelet is versatile enough for instructional design and story-based learning. Combining Soundtrap with Wakelet can be a powerful tool for cultivating and showcasing students’ musical talents. 

What is App Smashing? 

App smashing refers to smashing together multiple apps in combination with each other to complete a task. You can create something in one app and then go to another and create a completely different element of your project. Finally, you’ll merge the content together to create a final product. 

Why App Smash? 

App smashing involves several different applications working together. App smashing involves creative thinking from your students, maximizes the value created by your applications, and often results in more engaging final products. As long as students clearly understand what they want to achieve and have an outline of the project, they can build a more efficient end result through app smashing. 

Upload to Wakelet

Wakelet is another “free-for-educators” way of taking content that your students create and putting it all in one place to publish and share with their class, community, or beyond.


In this video, Becky Barnett will guide you through app-smashing Soundtrap with Wakelet. 

First, head to the Soundtrap Studio and click on a project you want to teach your students to present in a multimodal format. 

Next, click on the Ellipses […].

Download the project as an MP3.

Upload it to your Google Drive.

Open Wakelet and create a new collection.

Change the layout collection by tapping the little paintbrush and uploading your artwork. You can also change the title and description. 

Then, Go back to Google Drive and collect your MP3 project link (make sure it’s viewable by everyone).

Note: If you want to create the template for your projects or just want your students to upload their projects to store in one place. Wakelet makes it easy. 

Just press “invite” and invite your students to the folder through a code or Google Classroom. 

Keep all your multimedia projects in one place and engage your students through visual learning. 

We can’t wait to see what your students make!

What Is Soundtrap For Education?

Soundtrap is learning for today. It’s an online learning tool that enables teachers to follow the STEAM curriculum through music and podcasts. It fosters a collaborative environment where students develop their creative and communication skills. From primary school to university, Soundtrap’s simple interface is designed to suit students of all levels in any musical classroom. It has a huge collection of loops and software instruments that can support even professionals. You and your students can record songs directly with the computer microphone or plug in an instrument. Soundtrap works on any device, wherever you are. All projects are saved in the cloud, which means you can access them anywhere. It is tailored to suit BYOD schools and makes life easier for administrators because of its multi-platform capability. Managing projects has never been so easy. Soundtrap for Education is collaborative. Students can collaborate on projects together via video and chat within Soundtrap.



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