Native American Heritage Soundtrap Culture Capsule

Native American Heritage Month Student Activities

Join us in learning more about the rich ancestry and traditions of Native Americans. We hope you leverage Soundtrap to bring these stories to life this month and beyond!

Oral Storytelling

All stories are important and highlighting them is one way to pay tribute and memorialize meaningful events and perspectives. Native American communities have different stories and influences, which come through in oral stories passed down from generation to generation. We recommend you explore as many as you can! We have highlighted a few resources here so you can understand why oral storytelling is important to Native American culture and preservation.


Life As A Young and Native American

Six Stories Representing Native American Culture Today

  1. Learn more about at least three tribes and their storytelling practices.

    Guiding Questions: Why is storytelling important? Do you have any stories that are important to your family? Your culture?

  2. Open a new Soundtrap podcasting project.
  3. Choose Your Own Adventure!

    • Personal Story: Share your story in Soundtrap by recording your voice. What do you want people to know about you? What’s important that makes you who you are?
    • Family Story: Is there a story that’s important to your family and how you celebrate each other? Is there a story that is told often and makes you feel connected to the people around you? Share that story from any perspective you’d like! It can be firsthand, secondhand, from a person, an object, etc.
    • Regional Community Story: Think about your town, city, state, etc. Is there something you feel proud of that represents where you’re from? How does the world around you help shape your identity?

Land Acknowledgement

The lesson can be accessed here along with this example for guidance.


Additional Native American Heritage Month Teacher Resources

  1. Native American Heritage Month Podcasts
  2. Indigenous Knowledge Is Often Overlooked in Education. But It Has A Lot to Teach Us 
  3. Australian Indigenous Music Composition Project
  4. Take Me to the River New Orleans Curriculum