Black History Month Soundtrap Culture Capsule

Black History Month Student Activities

In the spirit of celebrating the extraordinary contributions of Africans and Black Americans, the Soundtrap education team has put together a series of powerful activities that spotlight Black leaders, culture shifters, and innovators. We hope you leverage Soundtrap to bring these stories to life this month and beyond!

“Raise Your Voice” Poetry Reflection

Students will select a poem from the list below from a famous Black poet. Students will be asked to read and study the poem and the create a 5-6 min reflective response in the Soundtrap studio. The response should include the following things: 

  • Title of poem
  • Author(s)
  • Reading of the poem 
  • Favorite stanza(s) in the poem
  • How do they connect to the poem and/or what message was the poet conveying in the piece

The project should have elements of music/sounds that can be inserted from the Soundtrap loops library, student instrumentation and/or vocal recording(s). 

What You’ll Need to Execute this Activity:

Black History Month Audio Museum Podcast

Students will select a famous Black History Month figure from the list below, and they’ll use Soundtrap to create an informational podcast teaching us about the historical figure and their contributions to society. 

  • Recording: 8-10 minutes
  • Include sounds from the Soundtrap loops library, or student recorded instrumentation
  • Must Include the following information: 
    • Name of historical figure
    • Place of birth 
    • Information about youth to adulthood life 
    • 2-3 accomplishments 
    • What legacy did the individual contribute to the world and Black culture?

What You’ll Need to Execute this Activity:

Additional Black HistoryMonth Student Examples and Teacher Resources 

  1. Amanda Gorman: Power of Poetry 
  2. San Francisco Unifed Ethnic Studies Student Podcast Examples
  3. Jeff Glade BHM Student Podcasts
  4. Soul Science Lab + Soundtrap “Make a Joyful Noize”
  5. “Alright” and the History of Protest Songs
  6. Great African American Speeches
  7. Get Lit Minute