Multimedia Presentation

Essential Outcome(s) Level(s)
Students will…

  • Demonstrate their interpretation of connections between music and imagery through a multimedia presentation. 
Middle, High & Post-Secondary
Skills: Creating a unique song using Soundtrap, creating a Google slide presentation, public speaking, critical listening, providing feedback. 


  1. Choose a still image: I can be an image from history, a photograph, a piece of art or a favorite character still
  2. Fill in the brainstorm page:
  • Who or What is the focus of the picture? 
  • What is the overall mood of the picture? 
  • What colors are dominant in your picture? If it is a Black and White picture what are the IMPLIED colors of the picture? 
  • What type of music do you think would go with this picture? 
  • What instruments do you think would best match the mood/colors of the picture? 
  1. Meet with the teacher with your questions answered and your picture was chosen to discuss your plans for your song. 
  2. Using Soundtrap create a song that compliments your picture. It should reflect your brainstorm sheet, be between 1:30-2:30 seconds, be an ABA form. Make sure it has a clear ending and transitions
  3. Download your song to MP3 format
  4. Create a Google Slides presentation
  • First slide: Name
  • Second slide: picture
  • Third slide: Introduce your song to the audience
    • What choices did you make? 
    • What instruments did you use? 
    • Are there any parts you want your audience to pay attention to? 
    • What inspired you about the picture? 
  • Fourth slide: Your picture, with the MP3 of your song playing behind it (so we can see the picture AND listen to the song 

*Note: This is a relatively new aspect to Google Chrome. You have to download an extension to have the music play behind the picture. Some school networks block the extension. A solution could be that students shares their presentation with teacher and plugged their music into the sound system.

  1. Each student will share their presentation. The class reflects on:
  • I think…
  • I noticed…
  • I liked…
  • I wonder…


Multimedia presentation rubric (Standards Based Grading) 

The author of this is Sara Andreas. Sara (Libby) Andreas has been teaching for 10 years. She spent the first 7 years in Arizona and has since moved to teach in Grain Valley Missouri. She has taught all 10 years at the middle school level. 

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