Holiday Tune Remix

Essential Outcome(s) Level(s)
Students will…

  • Take a holiday tune (Joy to the World, Jingle Bells, We Wish You A Merry Christmas,
    Carol of the Bells, etc.) and re-envision it. They will use the skills that they have learned (working with MIDI, recording, adding drums/loops, Form) to create something new.
High School


  1. Evaluate: What will your project be?
    1. No Recording: You will use the piano (or use a MIDI file) of a pre-existing holiday tune, and completely recreate it from scratch. Change the form, instrumentation, add drums, add automation, change the layering, edit sections, etc. Consider combining two different holiday tunes together.
      1. Figure out first what your source song will be.
      2. Decide if you’ll (1) start with a MIDI file or (2) record into Soundtrap using the KB.
      3. Figure out what you will change/edit/expand.
      4. Use slice/dice, layering, and other techniques to expand the arrangement.
  2. Recording: You will create a cover (or new version) of a preexisting holiday tune. The general process will include: 
    1. Choosing what song you will cover.
    2. Process on how you will change the cover. 
    3. Creating computer generated tracks.
    4. Recording.
Holiday MIDI files: 


Lesson Plan Submitted by Tyler Ehrlich. Tyler is the Associate Director of Bands at Centennial High School (Roswell, GA), where he is involved in instruction and administration of the concert bands, marching band, chamber ensembles, and music technology program. In addition to his responsibilities at Centennial, Ehrlich also serves as Associate Conductor of the Atlanta Wind Symphony. His website is

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