Adding Tracks

Learning Target OR Standards & Connections
  • NCAS Creating – Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
  • NCAS Creating –  Organize and develop artistic ideas and work. 
Essential Outcomes(s) Level(s)
Students will…

  • demonstrate their ability to add software instrument tracks by creating a project with at least three tracks
Adaptable to all levels
  1. Give students a tour of the Soundtrap Studio showing them the different parts of the main screen. 
    1. Add a new track
    2. Loop Library
    3. Collaboration
    4. Track information/editing
    5. Cycle
    6. Metronome
    7. Piano Roll (optional depending on level)
    8. Key (optional depending on level)
  2. Give students time to explore while roaming the room, answering questions.
Extended Learning
  1. Give students complete autonomy to record whatever they would like. 


The author of this is Meredith Allen. Prior to joining the Soundtrap team, Meredith served as an Instructional Technology Consultant at Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency in Iowa.  Preceding her consulting, Meredith taught instrumental music, K-7 technology and facilitated a district’s Virtual Reality Education Pathfinders program. She also served on their District Leadership Team, served as the district’s Technology Integrationist, and assisted with implementation of the district’s 1:1 computing initiative. Meredith has a Master’s of Science in Technology for Education and Training and participated in the 2016 Iowa cohort of the national Teacher Leadership Initiative.


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