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Your Voice Is a Tool: Tips for Maximizing Spoken Voice

Ready to maximize the impact of your voice — and your students’ voices? In this session, two public speaking instructors share best practices for using your voice as a tool to make change.


Tatiana Rodriguez

Tatiana loves teaching. The opportunity to influence a student’s life and vice versa is powerful. She believes that life is a gift, learning should be fun and investing in the next generation matters.

You’ll find her smiling in college classrooms building up strong student leaders and also in corporate classrooms encouraging professionals with growth mindsets. She is a lifelong learner and creative so outside of these spaces, you’ll find her connecting with others on new ideas, taking classes and enjoying nature.

Twitter: @tatiana_teaches


YouTube: Tatiana’s YouTube Channel


Tara Skiba

Dr. Tara Skiba is a graduate of Rutgers University with her Ed.D. in the Design of Learning Environments, Ed.M. in English Education, and B.A. in English. In addition, Dr. Skiba holds her New Jersey Teacher of English, Supervision of Instruction, and Educational Administration certifications. She is currently a full-time English teacher at Hackensack High School and a part-time lecturer at Rutgers University.

Twitter: @DrTaraSkiba

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