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Student Audio Creation: Podcasting and More In and Out of the Classroom

Students don’t need a classroom to raise their voices. Daniel Wang and Lila Shroff have already polished their creativity and speaking skills in podcasting and radio. They share tons of ideas you can use with your students now!


Daniel Wang

Daniel Wang is a senior at Holmdel High School. He first created his own podcast in 8th grade and since then, he started three more! Most recently, he created Student Podcasts, a first-of-its-kind podcasting curriculum that was intended for students at his local library. But because of the coronavirus, he brought the guide online for students all around the world. In his free time, he loves to edit his own podcasts and hang out with his friends.

Twitter: @StudentPodcasts

Instagram: @StudentPodcasts



Lila Shroff

Lila Shroff is currently in South Korea on a gap year before starting at Stanford University next fall. She is a lifelong storyteller and is deeply interested in the intersection of media, business, politics, and technology. Lila also has a background in audio journalism. After getting her start at KUOW’s RadioActive Youth Media, she worked at podcast monetization startup and was previously Student General Manager of the award-winning KMIH 88.9 The Bridge.

Twitter: @LilaShroff


Instagram:  @lilashrofff

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