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Becoming a Creative

Creativity isn’t a talent bestowed upon select people. It’s a skill you can cultivate. In this session, educator and YouTuber Sam Kary shares his journey to becoming a creator and how you can hone your creative skills, too.


Sam Kary

Sam Kary is the founder of New EdTech Classroom, a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching teachers how to create engaging, innovative, 21st century learning spaces. Sam is a former classroom teacher and instructional coach of a decade who spent his early career deeply skeptical of technology’s role in education. Now, he works full time helping teachers learn how to use technology to design authentic learning experiences that cultivate students’ skills in the 4 Cs. Sam is a Google Certified Trainer, National Geographic Certified Educator, and ISTE presenter, and his work has been featured in Forbes for supporting teachers during emergency distance learning. Follow him on Twitter @newedtechclass, and download his free Teaching with Technology Starter Kit at

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