Getting started with Soundtrap for Education!

This is a step-by-step guide for teachers to get started using Soundtrap in their classroom with resources and support on functions in and out of the studio.

Step 1:  Create a free school trial account at
  • Select ‘Start as a Teacher’ to set up your trial account
  • All new trial accounts will get free access to Soundtrap for Education for 30 days
  • All trial accounts will be given 500 seats by default
Step 2: Invite others or roster students with one of the following methods:
  • Google Classroom integration, click here for instructions
  • Invite by group code, click here for instructions

Congratulations! You have registered your users on Soundtrap!

Step 3: Start incorporating Soundtrap into your classes!
Step 4: The following are essential skills to review:
Step 5: Support and Community

*Need some inspiration? Share student examples to inspire your students and/or colleagues:

*Technical Requirements: To be able to use Soundtrap effectively, students and teachers need a stable internet connection and a computer or tablet. Chrome OS, Windows, iOS and Android devices are all supported. The easiest way to access Soundtrap is through a web browser.