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Soundtrap Certified Educator Courses

Virtual Ensembles How-to

Educator Crash Course

Creativity In Every Classroom

Soundtrap for Education Facebook Group


Student Course Introduction

Soundtrap for Education - Student Course Introduction

Soundtrap Terminologies & Functionalities

Soundtrap Webinar Resources

Soundtrap Skill Tree

National Core Arts Standards

The Chance for Change

Music Education - The Chance for Change

Why Record Yourself

Soundtrap Introduction

Music Guide for Distance Learning

Unsung Project

Unsung: The Voices of Youth Justice

Tyler Burba

The Shed

Tracy Williamson

Gorham Middle School Music - Soundtrap & WeVideo

Day 1 Activity – Loops

(Smithsonian) They’re Ghana Love It! Experiences with Ghanian Music for Middle School

I Teach Music Technology!

Why Record Yourself

One-A-Day Musicianship Challenge

One-A-Day Musicianship Challenge // Soundtrap on an iPad