Soundtrap Certified Educator Course

Soundtrap is excited to announce the latest update to our Soundtrap Certified Educator Course. The updated course will cover technical skills in addition to the curricular connections that have been such a hit with educators. We’re confident that this new course will make a difference for you and your students.

You will learn how to implement Soundtrap in a way that truly maximizes engagement & learning. The Level 1 certification covers essential functions of Soundtrap for Education and initiates the conversation about integrating music and podcast creation into your current curriculum.

Soundtrap Certified Educator Course

Soundtrap Certified Educator CourseĀ 

In this course, you will learn:

  • Account setup & administration
  • How to create and share assignments
  • Recording 101
  • Podcasting skills
  • Music creation skills

Join us and build your Soundtrap skills to bring music & podcasts into your classroom in a meaningful way.